Rules & Requirements



Please read the Rules and Regulations and keep them on hand as they constitute a binding agreement between you, the guest, and us, the Park management. Park management reserves the right to modify the rules at any time as needed to benefit the park with or without prior notice.


If you send us a message letting us know you are on the way, we can have someone available to help you move in! All RVs must arrive before 6 pm to get set up before dark. Be sure to like us on Facebook during your stay so you can be kept up to date of any important info regarding our park.


Our preferred method of payment is Zelle, but we also accept cash, check, money order, or credit card (CC fees may apply).


No loud parties, radios, dogs barking, vehicles left idling, TV’s, and/or other unnecessary noise or disturbances. Our quiet hours are from 8 pm-8 am.


Late fees are $10 a day starting on the 2nd day followed by a 3-day vacate notice if the full amount is not paid. If the balance is still not paid after the 3 days, then eviction will be filed.


The telephone number of the person who may be contacted for emergency maintenance is (281) 205-1959. Text is preferred for faster response.


$125.00 security deposit is required for each guest, which may be refunded upon departure from the park if no damage has been done AND the guest gives at least 7 days’ notice prior to leaving. The deposit will be refunded by Zelle (instant refund) or by credit card reversal (usually takes the bank 5-7 business days for processing). Guest must notify us via text, email, or mail within 7 days requesting their deposit back.


Each lot is structured for (1) RV per pad and a maximum of (2) people (either 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child), (2) pets, and (2) vehicles. Note: A second vehicle may have to park in extra parking due to tight parking.


Guest(s) shall not sublease or otherwise rent all or any portion of guest(s) RV. Any person that is not on file may not stay more than 5 consecutive days.


No objects can be flushed into the septic system including tissues, disposable diapers, wipes, paper towels, napkins, tampons, cotton balls, pads, condoms, grease, coffee grounds, food, or any other product that is not septic-grade approved.


We only allow fully self-contained RVs or motorhomes that are in good condition and at least 15 years or newer. Each RV must be maintained in a neat and attractive

condition at all times.

  • Clean exterior- No missing or broken trim, doors, lights, or windows.
  • No AC window units or space heaters, no foil on windows, and no tarps and/or covers.

The following ARE NOT allowed on sites (including under the RV):

  • No appliances, mattresses, indoor furniture, large tools/machinery, trampoline, fencing, dog house, kennel, or any type of clutter is permitted. If it doesn’t fit on your slab, you won’t be able to bring it. (Nice outdoor furniture is acceptable). Any landscaping done to your lot must not interfere with the lawn care provided by the RV Park.
  • No pop-up tents, sheds, pergolas, porches, boats, trailers, umbrellas, clotheslines, or inoperable vehicles.
  • Do not leave any food, trash, or anything poisonous such as antifreeze, oils, etc. that may hurt animals. We love our animals!


Each lot is allowed up to (2) vehicles. All vehicles need current registration and are in running condition. Guests are not allowed to perform extensive mechanic work or wash vehicles in the park. Parking in an empty lot or blocking another lot is prohibited at all times. The speed limit must not exceed 10 MPH anywhere in the park. (The dust and rocks are not good for our vehicles, Guests, or our animals) DO NOT DRIVE ON THE GRASS!


(2) pets are welcome as long as they are pet and people-friendly. NO AGGRESSIVE breed of dog will be permitted. All dogs must spend their primary existence within the RV. Dogs must not be a nuisance to any other guest in the park. They are not permitted to be left outside unattended. Dogs must be on a leash at all times (unless in the dog park) and you must pick up after them! THE PARK IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PET LEFT UNATTENDED IN THE RV AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON.


Washers and dryers are to be cleaned by the guest, inside and out, immediately after each use. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Clothes are to be removed from the washer/dryer as soon as they are done.

No pets and no smoking in the Laundry Roon.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


We have zero tolerance for any kind of criminal activity.

Illegal drugs of any form are prohibited on the property of Magnolia’s Finest RV Park. Person(s) caught in violation of this rule are subject to immediate eviction without a refund. Person(s) knowing of any illegal activity is encouraged to notify the management immediately. Any information reported will be strictly confidential.

No altercations between guests or any employee of the park.

Disorderly conduct, drunkenness, illegal drugs, obscene language, and obnoxious, disruptive or vulgar behavior will not be tolerated.


All of our animals are for our guests to enjoy. We have a treat bin at the gate for you to feed them if you would like. Just keep in mind some of our fencing is electric so don’t lean on the fence.

No air rifles, BB guns, fireworks, and/or slingshots are allowed in the park.

Tampering in any manner with electric power sources or hookups, removing electrical breakers, modifying or altering electrical boxes, and/or running extension cords from a different power source other than the one assigned is prohibited.

Using a greater electrical load than the RV is designed or approved for or otherwise causing a fire hazard is prohibited.


Guest(s) must maintain Liability & Property insurance with coverages at state minimums without any lapse in coverage. The insurance must cover the following: RV/Car Damage by tree breakage, flood, fire, theft, and/or other causes. Guest will be considered in default of their rental agreement if they do not maintain insurance coverage.


As a privately-owned RV park, we reserve the right to refuse admittance or service to anyone at any time and will not be responsible for any accidents that occur on the property.


While the Management and Owners of the RV Park strive to assure the safety of the Guests and the property, they are not responsible for losses due to fire, theft, flooding, or any accidents. You, the Guest, are hereby notified that you assume personal risk in such matters. For any accident or injury on any RV site, the Guest of such RV shall indemnify and hold management harmless of any and all claims by any person(s).

Under Texas law, you are not a tenant with a lease or contract. Anyone who fails to comply with these rules that benefit everyone will be asked to leave with no refund. (Texas Penal Code 30.05).